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2022 American Advertising Awards
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2023 Obie Awards Finalist

Airport Signage

As an effort to capture the attention of the many engineers, trade-skilled workers and emerging talent that comes through the Huntsville International Airport on a daily basis. In order to satisfy Blue's need for hundreds of highly-skilled new employees, our mission was to conceive, design and implement a combination of airport billboards to capture the attention of those valuable travelers.

The concept for the billboards was to feature the new BE-5 rocket engines that were being manufactured locally at the Blue Origin facility in Huntsville, Alabama. Combining the imagery of the New Glenn rocket that the BE-5s would be utilized on, our agency's approach was to create an airport-centric design featuring an airline ticket background with a QR code linking directly to the Blue Origin careers page.

We then partnered with Clear Channel to procure premium spots inside the airport, to include the main security checkpoint wall as well as a gate board, to display the designs. In addition to driving general brand awareness for Blue Origin in North Alabama, the airport ad boards also drove qualified and interested candidates to job postings to fill critical roles for this world-class and world-changing organization.

Cross-platform Campagins

It was an honor to partner with Blue Origin in a cross-platform ad campaign. Our overall scope included billboards, radio ads, social media ads, airport signage, trade shows, swag, handouts and marketing materials. While the ongoing number of successful hires resulting directly from this ongoing campaign will never be known to us, if we helped Blue Origin hire even one person who eventually helps to successfully propel us into the next generation of civilian spaceflight, we'll consider this mission a great success.

Blue Origin Airport and Tradeshow Signage
Alabama recruitment graphic

Company Benefits

In order to recruit potential employees to the state of Alabama from around the country our job was to showcase the benefits of the state with popular local activities, quality of life comparison, and company perks. Alpha Toro chose to make a custom map of Alabama with handouts used at trade shows and recruiting events highlighting each benefit.

company benefits graphic


Visual representation is key at trade shows around the country and our design team worked with Blue Origin to design graphics detailing their goals and capabilities at a quality standard. Our team designed signage, banners, flags, handouts, flyers, tabletops, capability sheets, merchandise, and tote bags.

tradeshow banner
Apollo 50 Logo

Alpha Toro assisted in an (all or nothing) fundraiser that raised over $25,000 to help secure the release and promotion of the documentary film "When We Were Apollo", which won an Emmy Award.

Alpha Toro was given exclusive access to film and document multiple panels during the Apollo 11 50th Anniverasary year event at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center. These videos are now being used at the Smithsonian Institute in Washingtion D.C.

Alpha Toro was able to take part in the filming of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center Car Show where a large number of classic cars appeared as well as a life sized, fully functioning replica of the Lunar Rover.