Website Campaign Tracking

Jul 14, 2021

Alpha Toro is well known for our digital content, but did you know we have been offering Pay-Per-Click services for search ad campaigns for years as well. Many clients think they can not afford to run a Google Ad marketing campaign. The price of your clicks can be controlled to any budget you choose, and some Alpha Toro monthly contracts include a PPC budget automatically.

Contact Alpha Toro today to discuss budgets, click rates, user demographics, coverage areas or any other questions you may have about jumping into PPC advertising. We provide easy to read results on how your campaigns are doing, but you will see the effectiveness more in new customer leads.

PPC campaign report

The "gmb" in this screenshot is "Google My Business". You have probably seen more and more that Google is showing "posts" from local companies in your search results. Maintaining this service as a part of a weekly Google Business management campaign is crucial for businesses today. You can view guidelines from Google on what to post on your Google listing.

Of course PPC / Google ad campaigns are not the only source we track. Alpha Toro runs campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn as well as retargeting ad campaigns. Contact us to learn more about the our process from content creation to retargeting and conversion.

instagram audience locations
instagram audience age rank
instagram audience gender profile
instagram audience active times

Social Media is also the perfect tool for audience measurement. These metrics provided by Facebook and Instagram can help Alpha Toro design more effective advertising campaigns for your website.

Email and newsletter campaigns can help provide a baseline to your companies inbound marketing strategy. When compared to social media it can be a good example of new school vs old school.

Ready to try new website marketing campaigns or just need an audit of your current strategy?