Tate Farms Website Accessibility Optimization

Jul 10, 2021

Tate Farms welcomes 10s of 1,000s of customers every fall to their north Alabama Farm and Festival. AT recently optimized their website for better performance and seo, but also took a careful look at their accessibility (a11y).

For those unfamiliar with website accessibility, basically the American Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act can be applied to websites of businesses. You can google "website accessibility lawsuits" and find numerous examples. These website features are most often hidden to the normal user except maybe when focusing on a button or link. Visible features like high contrast modes or font size selectors, for the vision impared, are another example of web accessibility.


If your business follows physical ADA laws like wheelchair ramps, etc, then your website most definitely needs accessbility features.

website accessibility optimzation score

After optimizing the code and tweaking some design elements to show colors on focus we increased Tate Farms website accessibility score from an 80 to 98.

I have years of experience optimizing website accessibility for companies like TopGolf, Remington and more. If you need consulting for your website please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tate Farms is a well known pumpkin farm and Alabama family fall festival destination. Every year the farm and festivities seem to get bigger and better. Don't miss out this September thru October.