Case Study: Lead Generation Forms

Aug 03, 2021

Every website has a contact form, even if you bought a template or used a drag-n-drop builder you get a contact form with it. You might have even tried a 3rd party solution like LeadPages, InstaPage, Unbounce, Hubspot, or even PostClick.

Why pay more money for 3rd party cookie cutter landing pages when you already have a custom designed website tailored to your brand.


Creating custom lead generation forms specific to your services can drastically increase submission rates.

lead gen form submission stats

Segmenting Lead Generation Forms

In this real client case study you can see the customized intake forms are submitted more often than the default contact form. Eliminate the redundant phone calls after a lead submission by adding those questions to your website. Alpha Toro provides these real-time reports to our clients so you can review popular services and forecast future goals.

HVAC and Home Services Lead Generation

Alpha Toro can relay intake forms to different managers based on user input. Emergency services, roofing issues, plumbing problems, can receive prompt attention and not get added to the inbox shuffle.

Home Builder Lead Generation

Does your real estate or custom home builder web page have an intake form with options for square footage, number of floors, bedroom and bathroom quantities, budget and more? If not, you are missing out on quality leads and relying on customers to write long paragraphs of information on a contact page.

Attorney Lead Generation

Attorneys have the widest range of provided services for a search marketing company to cover. You have different qualifing factors for car accidents, workplace accidents, product liability, business litigation, tax audit preparation, and much more. Customized intake forms in this industry can also help to gain customer confidence by only allowing specific inputs and not requiring a customer to divulge thier entire issue on the internet.

Make your business stand out and show your potential customers you have taken the extra effort to meet their needs by customizing lead generation forms. Alpha Toro is here to help, contact us today for a consultation and review of your lead generation strategy.