GeoCue Website Redesign

Dec 02, 2021

Alpha Toro is excited to announce the re-launch of GeoCue is a locally headquartered business but is Internationally known as the leaders in drone lidar. Over the past few months it has been a pleasure working with their staff to create this new website for their business.

The theme of our design was "technical nature", as we took on the challenge of blending aerial photography with digital elements like grids, points, sonar and more. We decided on a darker color palette to set GeoCue apart from its competitors that all display the same modern white design themes, and it really takes the website to a new level.

GeoCue website design

Technical Overhaul

The main reason for this redesign was to improve product navigation, increase SEO rankings, and increase website performance. The first thing we always do is migrate the existing website content from Wordpress to MODX. Reducing plugin bloat, eliminating contact form spam, and locking down framework security.

Next, we re-structure page content to align with new media we create, such as product videos, and new elements like FAQs, Carousels, and feature loops to take the customer through their educational journey.

Good content needs efficient navigation to be its most effective. We worked in conjunction with GeoCue's in-house Marketing Coordinator to condense technical content to fewer pages allowing the navigation to be quicker and more efficient. Ultimately, this will result in more conversions with greater detail from each lead.

One of our favorite features is the new Drone Sensor Selector we built to help leads find the product that best fits their needs. Drill down from the 6 product choices using over a dozen field applications and review the quick stat table to make your decision.

High Traffic, High Rankings, High Page Builds

This website was the largest Alpha Toro has ever built! (January 2023 Update: 3rd largest site) Not necessarily in page count but in content management options and detail. We created over 100 website "chunks" or templated portions of digital content. Over 100 template variables used in the chunks, that are unique and editable by the client. When you're an international company providing drone mapping solutions to government programs and other large corporations, only the best will do, and Alpha Toro can provide the services to sustain high traffic, gain high rankings, and manage tons of content.

If your company is looking for a website redesign or needs a technical audit on website performance, contact us today to get started.

"When looking for a company to partner with for website redesign we were overwhelmed with the number of firms offering these types of services. As a small company, with a small marketing team- we were enthused by the offering presented to us by the team at Alpha Toro. Our initial enthusiasm didn't fade, after entering into our contract with Alpha Toro, we were met with a team of professionals ready to tackle everything from website redesign, to technical marketing videos, and a genuine motivation to see our company grow and succeed. I would highly recommend the team at Alpha Toro, their expertise has been invaluable to meeting our company goals and modernizing our website image."

Madelyne McNab

Director, Business Development