Alpha Toro founders Nick Lasater and retired Army Ranger Scott Stevens recently released their story in Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Fortune. To learn more about the partners' humble and honorable beginnings, pick up a copy on newstands.

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Alpha Toro has a history of achieving partnered goals with our clients with our marketing custom solutions endeavors. Our collective efforts have generated over $500 million dollars for our clients in the last 5 years. Our social media marketing has reached over 50 million people in 110 countries. In partnered food distributions events, we have seen over 1 million pounds of free groceries given to those in need. Our marketing strategies in fundraising have even helped our clients finish their film to go on to win an Emmy. We have seen our fall pumpkin patch festival bring in over 1 million people, quadrupling the size of the festival in 3 years. We have created custom software for several cites working with the police departments, social services, and school systems to track and notify any child abuse. To say I'm honored is an understatement, to work with an amazing team and see the impact we can make together with our clients is a dream come true.

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